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  • Some more ideas ^^

    Hi! I like some ideas suggested already, and I like to help adding some more;

    + The fleet menu, it's too big and can't see whole "hangar" ( playing on ipad, dunno on iphone ). But i think, with a line with all info and buttons with icons, will be enough and make easy to see all the fleets ( sorry if i don't explain it good... ._. i can photoshop it if needed ).

    + Chat, in global chat, would be cool Nick with ally before ( or after ) example: MrStars [Empire] or [Empire] MrStars. Easyest to know who is who and from, also to recruit. In ally chat, no needed of course.

    + Private message, atleast for ally members. I'm not leader, but i'm sure, to say something to some1 that looks inactive before kick, would be nice.

    + Login info ( in Ally ), in ally list, see who is online or offline, and if why not, how much days without log... ( inactive players ).

    + The thing about cards that i read before, it's must need! Hehehe

    + Transfer ships and commanders from different fleets will be nice!

    + Sieges or something, take a system for ur ally, and fight to keep it! Maybe it's soon for it, but will be cool!

    + Ally skills, make difference about be lonely wolf or allyed. Maybe starting with some money boost or exp boost. And when game grow more... dmg and stuff. ( more stuff, hardest to balance it )

    + Skins for ships! Like silver ones, but i think the price for what it gives ( nothing xD ) it's expensive :b

    Well i think it's all for now! I know u are bussy with the game!

    PS: Sorry for my english! I'm from spain! Btw I saw some translations ingame that make hurt! Hehehe